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Who are the Buckaroos?

In the style of MAGIC MIKE and THE FULL MONTY, seven average joes defy traditional masculine stereotypes by putting a comedic twist on the archetypal male revue. This rag-tag group sets out to redefine masculinity, and prove that vulnerability, humility, inclusion, and respect can be the antithesis to toxic masculinity.

The Long Haul is a feature documentary that follows the visionaries behind a Moulin Rouge-inspired cabaret club, Can Can, who depart from the flooded burlesque market to re-imagine the limited male revue staples such as Chippendales and Thunder from Down Under.  The result is the Buckaroos—a theatrical cowboy western variety show featuring the “everyman”.

The story unfolds through the narration of T-Bone Tucker, Long Haul Trucker and Male Revue Maker, delivered onstage and directly to the audience. T-Bone steers the story through a series of vignettes that move between stage spectacle and real life verite portraits of seven unique male performers—an overweight divorcee; a skinny bass player; a black, gay identical twin; a former opiates junkie; a football star turned contemporary dancer; an Arab American Muslim Gerontologist and Geriatric Psychiatrist; and a part-time performer who sacrificed full-time stardom in order to lead a stable middle class life. Each part of the stage performance highlights one of the Buckaroos and serves as a portal into his everyday life. 

The lifeblood of the troupe is long time Can Can dancer Jonny Boy as “Bronco”, whose dream is to one day build his own version of the Can Can empire.  Having lived a very quiet life growing up with two deaf parents, Jonny struggles to express himself anywhere but on stage.

We meet Jonny fresh out of art school, which he paid for with his football scholarship.  Destined for the stage, he joins the Can Can as a busboy, and quickly moves through the ranks. As a test of his improv abilities, he’s asked to perform a strip tease on stage to April Stevens’ Teach Me Tiger, which kicks off Jonny’s 10-year epic as front man of the small, but mighty theater.  The culmination of this long term commitment to the Can Can is expressed through his realization of the Buckaroos, the first and only all-male show produced by the theater. At 31 years old and beginning to see the end of a dancer’s career, Jonny finds himself at a crucial turning point and must decide between living the life of a dreamer or following his romantic heart.  The news of Jonny’s inevitable retirement threatens to disband the Buckaroos and all they have gained from the experience. 

Beneath the cowboy hats and bedazzled thongs, The Long Haul explores the use of artistic expression on stage as a platform to work out issues of body image, sexuality, vulnerability and shame; and captures the stories of this rag tag group who found unexpected friendships and an empowering verve for self.


Jonathan Betchtel - "BRONCO"

High School football star turned professional dancer, Jonny's dream is to create his own verion of "The Birdcage", a live/work/love life of a cabaret club owner.


Keon Price - "The Deputy"

The youngest in his family, "Keke" joined his older sister in dance lessons and never looked back. He became Jonny Boy's right hand man after joining Can Can and two have undertaken the great task of corralling the rest of the Buckaroos.


Kaleb Kerr - "T-Bone Tucker"

From Pastor Kaleb and his Easter Sunday Service to Bing Wheeler, host of Big Wheel Bingo, Kaleb has wowed Seattle audiences for over 20 years. As T-Bone Tucker, Long Haul Trucker, he is the man responsible for "discovering" the Buckaroos.

Jonathan Houser - "HOSS"

Stage-hand with a magic can, 'Houser' joined the Buckaroos as a wild turkey for a special Thanksgiving Day special and won the hearts of men, women, young and old. Stick around for the film and you'll soon know why.

Josh Palmer - "SLAM"

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Erik Cargill - "SLIM"

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